Rémi Peanne, Master Student


Rémi graduated from University of Bordeaux in Life Science (BSc) and conducted his Master project in our lab, working on tumor immune infiltration as part of the translational research in the context of a clinical trial launched by Dr. Labidi-Galy. He completed his Master degree in Physiology, Epigenetic, Differentiation and Cancerology from University of Grenoble in 2023.


Zeinab Dehghani Ghobadi, PhD


2020 – 2022

Zeinab was a visiting Ph.D. student from the University of Tehran, doing her Ph.D. internship in the Labidi-Galy lab. She worked on a study with the aim of deciphering and better understanding the role of the tumor microenvironment in endometriosis and endometriosis-associated of ovarian cancer. A big part of her work relied on analysing tissue microarrays using multiplex immunohistochemistry.

Jonathan Moore, BSc



Jonathan obtained a Bachelor’s degree from Swansea University Medical School in the UK. During his BSc, Jonathan had the chance to contribute to reasearch investigating epigenetic mechanisms in ovarian cancer with the use of Bromodomain inhibitors. In 2020, Jonathan joined the Labidi-Galy lab for a 5 month internship, investigating the impact of menopause on breast cancer in BRCA1 carriers. During this time, he worked alongside Lou Romanens PhD to optimise the microdissection of fresh frozen tumour samples and helped further develop Multiplex IHC machine learning. In 2021, Jonathan joined the laboratory again, this time acting as laboratory manager.


Clothilde Ferreira, MSc



Clothilde was a visiting master student from the University of Poitiers in France. She joined the Labidi-Galy lab to complete her master internship exploring new immunotherapy approaches toward mucinous ovarian carcinoma. Today, she is conducting her PhD in neurosciences with the Jabaudon Lab at the University of Geneva.


Stephan Ryser, PhD


Stephan is a biochemist, and conducted his PhD (2002) in molecular biology with the Pr. W. Schlegel (University of Geneva). After his first postdoc (2003-07), working on the function of BARD1 isoforms in ovarian cancer (with Dr. I. Irminger-Finger, University Hospitals of Geneva); he decided to undertake a second post-doc (2008-13) with Dr. A. Moodycliffe and Pr. D. Hohl (University Hospital of Lausanne). During this time, he investigated the role of CD1d in UV-induced skin inflammation and cancer. Stephan then joined the Labidi-Galy lab in 2016 and established himself as the senior staff scientist. He was instrumental in managing the laboratory daily operations as well as contributing to the laboratory’s research and clinical trials. 


Lou Romanens, PhD

2017- 2022

Lou achieved her PhD in 2022 in Labidi-Galy lab, working on the impact of menopause on breast cancer in BRCA1 carriers. She has been instrumental in the optimisation of a novel technique for microdissecting fresh frozen tumour samples, resulting in the writing of a technical report. Lou also undertook a project looking into the importance of the tumour immune  microenvironment through the use of Multiplex IHC. Her work has contributed to the lab’s succesful implementation of Multiplex IHC and machine learning. Lou Romanens was awarded the SNF grant  and conducted the rest of her PhD in Amsterdam to work with Jos Jonker at the Netherlands Cancer Institue.


Amy Anna-Maria Olziersky, PhD


Amy did her PhD with Pr. P. Meraldi (University of Geneva) on the mechanisms of chromosome segregation during mitosis following genetic and chemical perturbations (2016-2019). As a post-doc in our lab, she worked on deriving organoids from ovarian cancer samples. She is now an accredited clinical research scientist within women’s health at Roche.



Maria Josefina Lascano Maillard, PhD


Josefina, biologist, did her PhD with Pr. J. Luban (University of Geneva, University of Massachusetts Medical School) on the role of TRIM5 in innate immune cell signaling (2009-2014). She gained experience as a post-doc in bioinformatic, programming and data mining at the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatic (SIB). In our lab, she worked on analyzing single-cell RNA-sequencing datasets. She moved to Pr E. Dermitzakis lab as a senior scientist.


Sarah Stuckelberger, MD


Sarah received her MD from the Faculty of Medicine of Geneva and started a residency in obstetrics/gynecology at the University Hospital of Lausanne. She performed a 3 months internship with Dr Labidi-Galy working on BRCA2 mutations in ovarian cancer. Currently, Sarah is completing a post-doctoral research fellowship at the University of Pennsylvania with a focus on a mouse models of high-grade serous ovarian carcinoma.


Beata Rak, MD, PhD


Beata is resident in internal medicine and a visiting PhD student from the University of Warsaw, Poland. During her 6 months’ internship in the Labidi-Galy group, Beata worked on the impact of overexpression of cyclin E on breast cancer. Beat is now finishing her PhD on endometrial carcinomas in Warsaw.