Stephan Ryser, PhD


Senior Staff Scientist
Stephan, biochemist, did his PhD (2002) in molecular biology with the Pr. W. Schlegel (University of Geneva). After a first postdoc (2003-07), working on the function of BARD1 isoforms in ovarian cancer (Dr. I. Irminger-Finger, University Hospitals of Geneva); he did a second post-doc (2008-13) with Dr. A. Moodycliffe and Pr. D. Hohl (University Hospital of Lausanne) to investigate the role of CD1d in UV-induced skin inflammation and cancer.


Lou Romanens, MSc


PhD Student
Lou obtained a master degree from the faculty of Science, University of Geneva. She is currently doing her PhD in the Labidi-Galy lab, working on the impact of menopause on breast cancer in BRCA1 carriers.

Nawel Zouggari, PhD


Post-doctoral Scientist : Nawel Zouggari, PhD

Nawel, biochemist, did her PhD with Dr. A. De Agostini (Department of Pathology and Immunology) at University of Geneva. She investigated the role of aHSPG post biosynthetic modification and its implication on endometrial cancer invasion and angiogenesis (2015-2020). She is currently doing her postdoc working on the synthetic lethality of BRCA2 PARPi resistant ovarian cancers organoids.