Stephan Ryser, PhD

Senior Staff Scientist
Stephan, biochemist, did his PhD (2002) in molecular biology with the Pr. W. Schlegel (University of Geneva). After a first postdoc (2003-07), working on the function of BARD1 isoforms in ovarian cancer (Dr. I. Irminger-Finger, University Hospitals of Geneva); he did a second post-doc (2008-13) with Dr. A. Moodycliffe and Pr. D. Hohl (University Hospital of Lausanne) to investigate the role of CD1d in UV-induced skin inflammation and cancer.


Lou Romanens

Master Student
Lou obtained a bachelor degree from the faculty of Science, University of Geneva. She is currently doing her master internship in the Labidi-Galy lab, working on the impact of menopause on breast cancer in BRCA1 carriers.